• Action Tech has in-depth hands-on experience with the most complex generator projects, such as this diamond coil winding.

Action Tech Capabilities

Hydro Generators – Stators
Stator rewinds, half-bars and diamond coils
Core restacks, partial and complete
Testing and inspecting
Main and neutral interchanges
Rewedge and tighten end windings
Through-bolt retightening and replacement
Coil splicing
Corona repairs

Hydro Generators – Rotors
Rotor winding
Testing and inspecting
Field pole removal and replacement

Turbo Generators – Stators
Rewinds (conventional, gas, or water-cooled)
Core restacks and repairs, partial or complete
Re-wedge and tighten end windings
Through-bolt re-tightening and replacement
Partial and full restacks

Turbo Generators – Rotors
Rewinds, testing, retaining rings removal, etc.
Testing and inspection

Adding Value

At every step within each procedure Action Tech seeks ways to extend the life of a generator by reducing even the small outage risks.  Read More

Why Action Tech

Competence, Experience and Integrity

Maintaining and repairing 20th Century generators with 21st Century insights and abilities starts with pulling together the right expertise. Read More

Action Tech’s expertise includes water-cooled windings

Action Tech’s expertise includes water-cooled windings

Process and Procedure

A complete and comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and visual inspection is performed on every generator stator and rotor prior to dis-assembly. Action Tech follows its clients’ processes and procedures managing all aspects of the site setup. All stators are rewound in an environment-controlled clean room. Read More

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